Air Detector JMS11
Description: Formaldehyde detection: through the principle of semiconductor gas sensors. TVOC detection: through the principle of semiconductor gas sensors. Sound and light alarm: the LED lights red , yellow, and green respectively represen..
Air Quality Monitor Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Temperature, Humidity, 0~2000ppm
This CO2 monitor is a desktop type unit designed for fast and accurate measurement of CO2 level, air temperature and humidity. Equipped with a triple LCD Display and programmable alarms complete with real time clock and calendar. It has a large LCD d..
CO2 Carbon Dioxide / Temperature/ Humidity Indoor Air Quality Monitor Meter 0-2000 ppm
The industrial wall mount CO2 Sensor & Controller is designed for fast & accurate measurement of CO2 level, humidity and temperatures of air, dew point and wet CO2 bulb. It monitors concentration level and can controls ventilation system such..
CO2 Data Logger Temperature Humidity Monitor 0-2000 ppm
This 3-in-1 CO2 datalogger & monitor is designed for fast & accurate measurement & logging of CO2 level, air temperature and humidity. It display 3 paramaters simultaneously together with data & time. An ..
Digital CO2 Carbon Dioxide Temperature RH Humidity DP WB
Poor indoor air quality is considered unhealthy because it causes tiredness, loss of ability to concentrate, and even illness (ex. Sick Building Syndrome). IAQ monitoring and survey, especially on CO2 level and air ventilation become widely applied i..
Monitor CO2 pentru controlul si reglarea calitatii aerului din interior
Acest controler de CO2 montat pe perete 7530 vine cu o sonda externa de detectare a CO2 care va ajuta la masurarea nivelurilor de CO2 in spatii inchise. Il puteti folosi pentru monitorizarea CO2 in calitatea aerului din interior si masuratori de CO2 ..
Wall Mount / Desktop Stand Indoor Air Quality Monitor Real-time CO2 Detector, Carbon Dioxide & Temperature & Humidity Level
Indoor air quality is the key to our health, comfort (be it physical or mental) and even productivity. Under a CO2 concentration level of only 1000ppm, problems including drowsiness and loss of attention may already emerge. However, it is very comm..