4000W High Power Thyristor Electronic Voltage AC 220V Regulator Dimming Speed Temperature Regulation control switch
This voltage regulator is a specially improved circuit for motor speed regulation. The minimum output voltage can be adjusted by a precision multi-turn potentiometer. The voltage regulator has a peak voltage absorption circuit to effectively prote..
Regulator de tensiune, 50V-220V AC, 2000W
Tensiunea de iesire este reglata oriunde intre 50V-220V pentru utilizarea cu aparate electrice. Conectati acest dispozitiv cu becul sau aparatul de uz casnic intr-o conexiune de serie, apoi rotiti butonul pentru reglarea intensitatii, vitezei, tensiu..
Step-down power supply module DC4-40v to DC1.25-36v 8A 200w
Description: When reach maximum output current 8A, need to add fan. Long term work recommended about 5A. All products are tested for stability, consistency and reliability. Ensure product excellence. This product is widely used in product d..