Anemometer Thermometer, Air Speed Temperature °C / °F HVAC Dual Meter Tester, 80~4000fpm (0.4~20m/s), -10~50°C (14~122°F)
This dual meter functions as an Anemometer and Temperature meter. An accurate, general-purpose vane airspeed meter that simultaneously measures and displays both airflow measurement and temperature. This meter of high accuracy is ideal for quick me..
Anemometru AM-816 digital, portabil
Caracteristici: Material: ABS Domeniu de masurare: 0 - 30 m/s, 1,4 - 90 km/h, 0 - 5860 ft/min, 0 - 55 mile/ora, 0 - 65 mph Precizie: plus sau minus 5 procente Rezolutie: 0,2 m / s Masurarea temperaturii vantului: - 10 grade Celsius - ..
Anemometru termometru digital multifunctional cu tester portabil pentru masurarea temperaturii aerului in °C si °F
Aparat multifunctional care ofera informatii cruciale asupra parametrilor esentiali ai vantului. Poate memora, salva, recupera si sterge 24 de grupe de date memorate. Un instrument de precizie care are o varietate de aplicatii practice incluzand cole..
Digital Handheld Anemometer Wind Speed Meter
Features: Simultaneously measure wind velocity and temperature Switch between max/average/current wind velocity Switchable temperature units: °C / °F Five wind velocity switchable units: m/s, Km/h, ft/min, Knots, mph Beaufort scale Da..
Digital Multi-function Thermo Anemometer with 3-Cup Type Sensor, Portable Wind Speed Air Flow Gauge, Weather Wind Velocity Direction Tester Meter
Measure SPEED in selectable units such as meter/second, kilometers/hour ,feet/minute & knots, FLOW in selectable units such as cubic meters /minute & cubic feet/minute, TEMPERATURE in selectable units such a..
Digital Vane Anemometer Handheld Wind Speed
This vane anemometer is designed to measure wind speed and temperature. It's an ideal device for outdoor activities like Drone Flying, Windsurfing, Flying Kite, Aeromodelling, UAV, Sailing, Surfing, Fishing, Hiking, Shooting, Walking, etc. Feature..
Professional Anemometer Datalogger Wind Speed Velocity Meter Air Flow CFM CMM Air Volume Wind Direction Temperature Humidity Measurement Digital Tester Gauge with MAX / MIN / AVG Value, Data Hold, and Backlight
This multi functional anemometer datalogger is a professional instrument for measurement of wind speed, temperature, and humidity. Designed for wind speed measurement in Engineering, Quality Control, and Health Control. It is an ideal device for outd..
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