Portable Fiber Optic Cable Tester
Designed to measure the power of an optical signal. Its portable and has easy operating features, designed for professionals who totally maintain the fiber optic network. This unit is widely applied with its 6 wave length selections. The measure..
Stud Finder Digital Wall Scanner 4 in 1 Detector Wood Live AC Wire Metal Stud Detection Sensor with Indicator Light and Sound Warning
The detector can be used to detect metals (iron and nonferrous metals), wood beams and live cables buried in walls, ceilings and floors, which are made of conventional concrete, ceramic tiles, wood panels, etc. Features: Detecting iron and..
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Tester de Rețea LAN sau Control Pentru Telefon de la Distanta
Acest instrument economic fiabil, ușor de utilizat și ergonomic are o operațiune intuitivă, nu necesită instruire costisitoare. Deoarece cablurile sunt generice sau standard, puteți găsi rapid o pereche de cabluri. Funcția de reglare a vitezei oferă ..
Trace Cable Line Locator Portable Wire Tracker
Main features: PoE function: identify which pins are providing power and detect how much voltage .  Identify telephone cable condition ( Tip or Ring) / polarity (anode or cathode). Easily trace and locate cables wit..