Foldable Chelsea Jadelite Filter for Gem, Emerald
This Chelsea Filter is designed to transmit only deep red and yellow-green light (best obtained under strong electric light). Just hold the filter close to your eye and look at the stones. Multiple stones can be viewed at once. It is helpful with..
Foldable Ruby Filter Gem
Ruby Filter is a filter that is extremely useful in differentiating red stones such as Ruby, Spinel, Tourmaline, and Garnets from others that might look similar in comparison. Using it is as simple as holding the filter close to your eye, look at t..
Handheld MOISSANITE TESTER with UV Ultraviolet Light
It is a sure way to tell the difference between diamonds and moissanite (man-made diamonds). This tester will leave you in no doubt as to the nature of your stones. It is a "touch and tell you" device that utilizes the moissanite feature, the di..
Spectroscope - Prism Spectroscope, Big Size, Heavy Duty & Light Weight Aluminum Material
A handheld spectroscope for visible light shows the absorption lines of the elements involved in producing its color. For instance, it helps to separate ruby (chrome) against red or pink sapphire (iron). Spectroscope breaks up the light that is bei..
Tester combinat GMT combo pentru diamante, moissanite si simulante
Functii: Operare usoara fara a fi necesara ajustarea LED-urilor prin controlul de volum pentru calibrarea in functie de pietre de dimensiuni diferite asa ca in cazul altor testere de diamante. Poate fi alimentata de baterii alcaline AAA, ba..
Tester pentru diamante cu lumină ultravioletă (UV)
Acest selector de diamante nu reacționează la pietre precum cristale false sau simulări precum zirconiu cubic, când ansa atinge suprafața. Este cel mai facil răspuns pentru marea majoritate a bijutierilor cu amănuntul, case de amanet și lanțuri de ma..