Digital Light Lux Meter Range 0~30,000 Lux
One of our Environmental Instruments Series, an illuminance measuring instrument designed for measuring the intensity of your lighting systems and measure illuminances in areas like workplaces, field of cinematography and scenic design, general fie..
Digital Light Mini Lux Meter 0 ~ 200,000 LUX
A meter used for checking the level of luminance and measuring the amount of light falling on a given surface. This digital lux meter can measure up to 200,000 LUX. It is specifically used in applications such as checking electro-optical sources, r..
Light Meter Luxmeter up to 200,000 Lux
The digital Luxmeter is a professional instrument for measuring illumination and brightness. It can be used in light intensity measurement, engineering, quality control or illness prevention treatment in all kinds of environments such as hospitals,..
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