Digital Auto Range Clamp Multimeter AC DC Voltage
This meter is a compact 3 1/2 digit auto range digital clamp meter for measuring DC and AC voltage, AC current,Resistance, Diode and Continuity. It is easy to operate and is an ideal instrument tool. This Multifunction meter asserts that the it..
Digital Clamp Meter DC AC Audible Continuity Tester
This portable autorange Digital Clamp Meter is a measurement tool designed for being used by electricians, technicians, and serviceman. It is capable of measuring DC andAC voltage, AC current, resistance, diode, contin..
Multimetru 5 în 1 cu LUX, dB, °C, RH, CA, CC
Acest multimetru digital de generație nouă este capabil să măsoare voltaj continuu și alternativ, curent alternativ și continuu, capacitanță, frecvență, diode și test de continuitate, ciclul de utilizare, temperatura (°C), umiditatea (RH), iluminarea..
NOYAFA Digital Multimeter Intelligent Smart Touch Screen , with NVC AC /DC Voltage, True RMS
Specifications: Display mode: triple display LCD; main display, sub display, analog bar Measurement method: double integral A/D conversion Maximum display: 5999 (3 5/6) bit automatic polarity display Sampling rate: about 3 times per seco..
Professional, 6000 Counts T-RMS Digital Multimeter for Electrical Measurement
Electrical safety should not be emphasized solely by professional electricians, because it affects all of us. Uncommon as they seem to be, electrical hazards ranging from electric shock/burn, fires caused by overloading circuits to explosion from fau..