Digital EMF Tester Electric and Magnetic Field Radiation
Radiation survey meter can test electric field radiation and magnetic field emission.  It is used to test and learn electromagnetic radiation situation both indoor and outdoor.  It is equipped with a built-in electromagnetic radiation se..
Portable digital electromagnetic radiation detector
Features: One instrument with two uses. It can test the electric field and magnetic field radiation at the same time Sound-light alarm, when the test resilt exceeds the safe value, the instrument will alarm automatically Data locking, one-k..
Radiation RF Strength Meter Geiger Counter Measurement Tester
Features Color TFT display Radiation dose rate and RF strength measurement with bar graph display. Language Setting: English, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish Radiation dose rate alarm setting RF strength warning range setting Radi..
TENMARS AC / DC Gaussmeter Magnetic Field Strength Meter Teslameter
Application: Measure the magnetic field generated from Direct Current (DC, with display by N/S Magnetic polarity) or Alternating Current (AC in 40~500Hz) Measurement of the residual magnetic after processing of mechanical par..
TENMARS Digital 3- AXIS Power Meter for Radio Frequency Magnetic Field T95
RF Tri- Axis Meter is non directional (isotropic) measuring device with 3- channel measurement sensor(X,Y and Z) that is designed for a reliable measurement and monitoring of Radio- Frequency Electromagnetic Fi..
TENMARS Digital Gauss / Tesla meter detector for electromagnetic field
This  EMF/ELF Single Axis Gauss Meter is designed to measure  electromagnetic fields with extremely low frequency  (ELF) of 30~300Hz. Provides readout in milliGauss(mG) and microTesla (µT) that can be switch an..
TENMARS Digital Ultra Violet Radiation Meter Professional UVA UVB
Application: This UV-AB meter is an ideal tool for measuring mercury, xenon, metal halide or fluorescent lamps, commonly used for studies in the UVA region, as well as sunlight. Applicable also in the following industrial and laboratory field. ..
TENMARS Multi-Field EMF Meter RF Gauss Meter 2000mG
This Multi-Field EMF Meter is easy to operate and reliable in measurements. With multiple sensors inside, it can be used to test the strength of Electromagnetic field(low frequency), Electric field(low frequency) and RF Electric field(high frequenc..
TENMARS solar power meter measuring m2 or BTU / (ft2 * h)
Solar Power Meter is a device used to measure power per unit area of incident solar radiation reaching the meter's sensing area. It has high precision light sensor and provides accurate and fast measurement by just turning it on, making the best Easy..
TENMARS Three axis EMF/ELF Gaussmeter 2000mG Magnetic Field Gauss Meter
This EMF/ELF Tri-Axis Gauss Meter is a scientific instrument for measuring electromagnetic fields (EMF) with extremely low frequency (ELF) of 30 ~ 2000 Hz. The reading in milliGauss (mG) and microTesla (µT) are switchable a..
TENMARS Tri-Axis RF Field Strength Meter 10MHz to 8GHz
TM-196 is designed for measuring and monitoring Radio Frequency(RF) electromagnetic field strength of 38mV to 20V/m and capable of measuring the frequency range of 10Mz~8GHz. Best for: High frequency(RF) electromagnetic wave field strength..