Online PH & EC Conductivity Monitor Meter Tester ATC
The EC PH Monitor provides 24 hours continuous reading for pH & conductivity. Optimizing these critical parameters through a plants’ growing phase helps ensure a successful crop. Designed for indoor use, this pH & EC Monitor can be moun..
Optional Replaceable Electrode with Cap for pH Temperature Pen Meter (868-9)
An Replaceable electrode with cap filled with solution to keep the electrode moist used for Waterproof Detachable pH Temperature Pen Meter Auto Calibration (868-9) ..
ORP Buffer powder
ORP Buffer powder is a premium product from eTop(eTop - developer products such, as). ORP Buffer powder you find in Ph meters, ORP, EC, TDS. ..
orp buffer
ORP Redox Meter Tester -1999~1999mV
Measures the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) of water in the range -1999 ~ ± 1999 mV in steps of 1 mV. Has a wide range of applications - from household to laboratory and industrial (drinking water test, in aquariums, artificial reservoirs..
ORP/Redox Tester waterproof ORP meter +/- 1999mV
Technical Specification: Measuring range:0~±1999mV Accuracy: ±5mV Resolution:1 mV Display:4-digital LCD Power Supply:4×1.5V(AG13)  Dimensions:188×35×35(mm3) Weight:118g ..
Pensize ORP Redox Tester -1200~1200mV Water Quality Measurement
This device is commonly used in measurement of Water Disinfection, the stronger the ORP, the faster the microbe is killed. Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) was found to be a reliable indicator of bacteriological water quality. Inexpensive and p..
Pentype 2-in-1 TDS / EC Meter with ATC
2-in-1 digital pen type water quality tester. Measure TDS, Conductivity and temperature of your liquid sample in one handy unit. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) measured in ppm (parts per million) is key factor in water quality analysi..
Pentype Multi-Paramater 5-in-1 Water Quality Tester (pH / TDS / EC / Temp / Salinity)
This 5-in-1 water quality tester is an ideal tool for many type of water analysis all in one handy instrument. It has the following parameters. pH - measure the Acidity and Basicity of a solution. EC - ..
Pentype TDS / Salinity / Temperature Tester Water Quality Meter ATC Multiple Units (ppt, ppm, S.G., %, °C, °F)
This Water Quality Tester measures TDS (Total Dissolved Solid), Salinity and Temperature of any type of water sample. It is used in Home, School, Professional measuring purposes including Laboratory Test, Water Treatment Business, Aquaculture, Hydrop..
PH Meter Pen Acidity PH Value Tester High Accuracy
Specifications: Model Number: PH-220W Type: Portable PH meter Display mode :LCD Probe type : External electrode Measuring range :0-14ph Accuracy: 0.01ph Power Supply Voltage : 6(V) Working temperature: 25(°C) Test range: PH valu..
PH meter tester portable 0-14 pH pen type
Specifications: Model Number: PH-220 Type: Portable PH meter Display mode :LCD Measuring range :0-14ph Accuracy: 0.01ph Power Supply Voltage : 6(V) Working temperature: 25(°C) Test range: PH value: 0.01 ~ 14.0PH Resolution: PH..
pH mV ORP Temperature 3 in 1 Redox Meter
Features: Measure pH, ORP and temperature in 1 go Big & clear display monitor Removable probe, easy to replace when necessary Uses composite electrode Portable pocket size main unit & lightweight High-quality components High..
PH ORP Temperature 3-in-1 Combo Meter Tester Pen Type with Automatic Temperature Compensation
A waterproof meter designed to simultaneously measure pH and ORP in one go. It also reads temperature, which is continuously displayed on the dual level LCD. All pH readings are automatically temperature compensated (ATC). Measurements are highly acc..
Profesional Tester de Calitatea Mare Verificare cu Oxigen Dizolvat (DO)
Acest Măsurător cu Oxigen Dizolvat (DO) este un dispozitiv performant, precis ce dispune de un ecran LCD mare cu indicatori de măsură pentru oxigen dizolvat şi temperatură. Acesta are un indicator care arată când se stabilizează înregistrarea. Ecranu..
Replacement Electrode for Pen Type Combo Meter PHM-224 / PHM-226
Optional Replacement electrode for pen type combo meters PHM-224 and PHM-226 (sold separately) - Multi-parameter electrode for use in water testing applications - Glass bulb membrane with a built-in temperature sensor - Enhance accuracy by repla..
Set profesional pentru masurat PH / TDS / Temperatura / Salinitatea / EC / ORP
Un set profesional 6 in 1 utilizat sa masoare 6 parametri: salinitatea, PH-ul, totalul solidelor dizolvate in apa (TDS), conductivitatea electrica (EC), temperatura, potentialul redox-potentialul de reducere (ORP) unui lichid sau a apei. Senzorii&nb..
Soil pH & Moisture Tester Meter with 295mm Long Electrode Probe Waterproof
Correct pH reading is very essential to achieve optimum results. Crops such as vegetables, flowers and shrubs, trees, weeds and fruits are pH dependent and rely on the soil solution to obtain nutrients. Soil pH value plays an important role in the pr..
Tester digital pentru TDS/EC/Temperatura 3 in 1 pentru apa potabila, piscina si acvariu
Aparatul este mic, compact si usor, si poate fi folosit atat acasa pentru a testa apa pe care o consumam, dar si in drumetii montane pentru testatea puritatii apei de izvor. Aparatul de masurare a calitatii apei potabile indica totalul solidelor..